Get the Facts

How will 123work enhance my recruiting process?

123work helps you find more quality candidates in order to improve your recruitment ROI. See how these industry leaders are transforming the way they find top talent with 123work.

How is 123work different from other places to post jobs?

Our powerful matching technology analyzes millions of data points and finds the best matches for your roles. Then, we proactively invite top talent to apply to your jobs—instead of waiting for them to search for you. The result? Quality hires and improved recruitment ROI. Learn more about how it works.

What types of candidates can I find on 123work?

Our marketplace provides employers with weekly access to over 2M job seekers, across the most competitive industries.

How do I get started?

Reach out to a 123work team member today for your free consultation.

What is 123work?

123work is an online employment marketplace that helps you reach quality candidates across the most competitive industries. It’s no wonder that 123work is the top 1 rated enterprise job site in the U.S. 

Recruit with AI

How does 123work’s AI help me source candidates?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you scale your recruiting efforts and reach great candidates for your roles. At 123work, AI is infused throughout our product, from matching your jobs to top talent to inviting them to apply. Our goal is to help you spend less time recruiting and more time hiring. 

How does 123work help my team be more efficient?

Instead of spending hours sourcing candidates, we provide all of the tools you need to target top talent. That means you can spend less time sourcing candidates and more time building candidate relationships, aligning with business partners, and focusing on strategy.

How does 123work technology integrate with my existing applicant tracking system?

No matter what ATS you use, we can deliver candidates to you through one of our existing integrations or a customized solution, providing a seamless hiring experience.

Find a Solution

What solutions does 123work offer for enterprise recruiting?

We offer a full suite of products including: Sponsored Reach, Featured Employer, Resume Database, and 123workApply. 

How does pricing work?

First we work with you to understand your specific hiring goals, strategy, and budget. From there, we customize your campaign based on the number of jobs you have, the type of jobs you need to fill, the location, and industry. Plans can be tailored for a monthly subscription or pay-for-performance depending on your hiring goals. Want to learn more? Send us a message to get started.

How will I measure the results of my campaign?

Before the recruiting process begins, our teams do a market analysis to help you develop a successful hiring strategy. Whatever your specific recruiting goals may be, our dedicated specialists will work with you to develop clear methods to track your progress and ensure we’re striving to reach your target.

Sponsored Reach

What is Sponsored Reach?

Sponsored Reach utilizes AI to analyze millions of data points including resume keywords, skills, experience, licenses, past searches and applications to deliver quality candidates who are a great match for your roles. Then, it proactively invites them to apply on the channels they frequent most. Want to learn more?

Where will my sponsored jobs appear?

Sponsored jobs engage candidates on multiple channels including job alerts subscription emails, 123work.net, and our top1 rated job seeker app on iOS and Android.3 We also work with an extensive partner network to give your jobs extra visibility.

Featured Employer

What is a Featured Employer?

Featured Employer captures job seeker attention with more prominent ad placement within our emails. You can use Featured Employer ads to promote not only your job posts, but also recruiting and hiring events, or simply to amplify your employer branding and drive new sources of traffic to your job ads. With custom messaging, keywords, and geography, you’ll be able to target the specific audiences you need.

How do I become a Featured Employer?

Get in touch with us to get started.

Resume Database

What is the Resume Database and how can it make my job easier?

Proactively find your next great hire through the Resume Database. Preview as many resumes as you like for free—only paying to access candidate contact information. The Resume Database is updated every time a candidate modifies their profile, so you always have access to the latest information. Plus, you can turn on notifications for when new resumes matching your jobs are added. Want to learn more?

How many resumes are in the Resume Database?

We have over 10M resumes available,4 with an average of 315K resumes being added every month


What is 123workApply?

This feature lets candidates apply to jobs with just one click from any device—so you get qualified applicants, fast.

How can 123workApply help me?

123workApply jobs drive up to 5X more views. When you provide the most convenient application experience, you help maximize the number of candidates you receive.